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If you’re into the Hair game, Angela’s Styles should be a name that you are familiar with. Her units are flawless, and has been seen on your favorite celebrities and fashionistas. Justabrooklyngyrl scored a 1 on 1 with this beauty and she gives us tips on how to have fabolous hair all summer 17 with her protective units.

So much goes into choosing a name for a brand/company, how did you come up with the name “Angela’s Styles “?

“Angelas’s Styles came from my moms name. My mom passed away when I was six so I decided to name my business after her.”

Where does your passion and love for hair stem from?

“I’ve had a passion for hair since I was seven years old. Whenever I would get my hair done I would always watch and take notes on what the person was doing so I could later on practice it myself.”

How does “Angela’s Styles” hair experience differ from other companies that specializes in hair units ?

“Angelasstyles is different because I give my clients the illusion of a natural hairline, and the versatility of styling without having to apply adhesive, tape or glue. My clients don’t even have to use an elastic band my units are made with an adjustable cap that allows the client to adjust the unit as tight as they need too. And the best part of it is, units can be removed daily. Which allows the client to take care of their natural hair underneath the unit.” 

Angela’s Style Tutorial

You have a huge following on Instagram, Do you believe social media has been a positive tool for you?

“Yes, definitely social media has been a positive tool for me.”

How can a client keep their hair units flawless and long lasting? What are some hair care guidelines your customers should live by?

“Proper treatment is how you keep your units for a long time. You want to treat them with care just as you would do with your natural hair, washing, conditioning, co-washing etc… I also send my clients instructions on what products to use for their units.”

How long do the units usually last roughly?

“Units can last longer than a year. It depends on the client, how well they take care of them.”

What surprises you the most about what you have managed to achieve in your career?

“What surprises me the most is that people who I’ve never actually met before will see me in the street and know who I am, just from seeing my work showcased on social media. That’s an amazing feeling by the way!”

How would you describe your journey of becoming the business owner of Angela Styles?

“I would say it has been a long road. Lots of ups and downs. Also I’ve learned many lessons being a business owner.”

What are three tips you would offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

1. Keep business and personal separate at all times.
2.Never get discouraged, regardless of what people say or how people feel.

3..Build a team, with people you can trust and depend on. Because no matter who you are you can’t run a successful business alone.”

Any favorite celebrities that you would love to create customized pieces for ?

“Gabrielle Union, Monica Brown, Kandi Burruss, Taraji P Henson.”

Toya is creating realistic wigs that afford clients the opportunity to experiment with dufferent looks without the need to cut, color, or alter their tresses.

Be sure to follow @Angelasstyles on Instagram  and shop her lastest units by clicking the link below


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Latoya Kelly Retrieved July 20, 2017 Instagram @angelasstyles

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