Curvy Cuties! Justabrooklyngyrls Dedication To The Women With Curves!

More then offen we are starting to see super models that look like us. What a relief right ladies ? After all the average size of American woman is a size 14/16. Having curves is more acceptable then ever in this day and age. They are no longer depending on traditional media outlets to give them a chance to shine! Social media has given these curvy beauties more of a opportunity to take over in the fashion world!

With so many curvy cuties to chose from, Justabrooklyngyrl narrows it down to 6 curvy cuties (which was so hard to choose there’s so many) that we have to give our props to!  These six ladies been creating path for young plus size models to follow.

Here’s Justabrooklyngyrl  6 Curvy Cuties and their social media handles:

1. Ashley Graham @ashleygraham

2. Nadia Abouldhosn @nadiaabouldhosn

3. Anita Marshall @anitamarshall_

4. Chasity Saunders @chasitysaunders

5. Liris Crosse @lirisc

6. Danielle Brooks @daniebb3

which one is your ultimate fav curvy fashionista ?

live well

dress well


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Retrieved August 5, 2017

Ashley Graham @ashleygraham

Nadia Abouldhosn @nadiaabouldhosn

Anita Marshall @anitamarshall_

Chasity Saunders @chasitysaunders

Liris Crosse @lirisc

Danielle Brooks @daniebb3

Gabi Gregg @gabifresh



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