These Boots Were Made For Walking:Glitterati Boots

The breakout shoe of 2017! Glitterati Boots. They come in all colors, heel heights, boot lengths and silhouettes: Some are slouchy with an ’80s-infused vibe — while others came with patent leather cap-toes or dainty bow detailing. Now I live for a statement boot! It gives any outfit a undeniable fashion vibe! D8528E5D-448E-464A-A823-3642A5F9A30B Here are this […]

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Straight Frills: Fall Trend

frill fril/Submit noun 1. a strip of gathered or pleated material sewn by one side onto a garment or larger piece of material as a decorative edging or ornament. synonyms: ruffle, flounce, ruff, furbelow, jabot, peplum, ruche, ruching, fringe; archaicpurfle “a full skirt with a wide frill” 2. an unnecessary extra feature or embellishment. “it […]

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