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T shirts are a must in your wardrobe! They are comfy affordable and versatile . A good quality tee can you run you anywhere from $45-$245. Justabrooklyngyrl lovers it’s almost a year since the launch of my graphic t shirt “Justabrooklyngyrl Bar Code Gang” line. Say it, without saying it!” Is a motto I keep in mind while coming up with fun new ideas to keep Justabrooklyngyrl Tees revelant and fresh!

From iconic figures to symbols or statements the overall goal is to bring awareness of historical figures current and past that are sometimes gone but forgotten! A conversation piece at times, but most definitely a fashion statement!

T -Shirts can be worn all year round! Ladies you can take a graphic tee casual look to an evening look while rocking a pump in a matter of seconds! Fellas throw on your sweatpants with your graphic Justabrooklyngyrl tee and switch it up for the evening by adding distressed denim for a night on the town with the fellas!

This is a guide, and guarantee your go to when styling your Justabrooklyngyrl Barcode Gang Tee!

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