Justabrooklyngyrl Meets Urban Upscale

When choosing the right hair extensions, you have to be picky! Virgin hair extensions has been a fashion crave since the beginning of time and is only becoming bigger and better. It is somewhat difficult to tell where your hair extensions come from, if your choosing the right texture and the grade of the extensions. With plenty of manufacturers to choose from, Justabrooklyngyrl got you covered with your favorite hair supplier Urban Upscale.

Urban Upscale specializes in Authentic raw unprocessed textures. Justabrooklyngyrl scored a one on one with Urban Upscale owner. She gives us an virgin hair crash course on her flawless extensions and how to maintain longevity while wearing them.

What was your vision for Urban Upscale Lux when you first created it?

The vision for Urban Upscale has always been to be reputable reliable company with an amazing quality product. I am excited about expanding the brand really soon.

Every strand of Urban Upscale Lux virgin hair is flawless and precise, even down to the weft! What are some key elements when selecting the hair extensions for your clients?

quality quality quality is the key for us. I have a great relationship with our manufacturer and they understand my vision and commitment to quality. I only want to provide the best products to my customers.

What is the difference between virgin hair and processed hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has NOT been CHEMICALLY PROCESSED. synthetic hair is hair that HAS been chemically altered usually to strip the hair of its cuticle and coated with silicone to give the hair a high un natural shine and feel. When hair is chemically stripped the hair will not last long at all and will matte in a matter of days/weeks.

How does Urban Upscale Lux differ from other virgin hair companies ?

Urban Upscale stands apart from a lot of other companies for several reasons. Number one our extensions are created from Indian sourced hair. India has donor temples where women daily donate their hair. Our quality is not second guessed. Our bundles do not contain fillers such as grey or synthetic hairs. Not only is our hair virgin but its of Remy grade. Remy simply refers to the direction the hair is aligned in. A single strand of hair contains a head (root) and a tail (end). Our extensions are wefted in the same way the natural hair grows from the scalp heads with the head and tails with tails. Some companies don’t manufacturer their hair using this rule because it can be time consuming and some dont regard this as important. heres a tip this is important because this reduces friction and helps the hair from tangling or matting.

How can a client keep their Urban Upscale Lux extension flawless and long lasting? What are some hair care guidelines your customers should live by before and after their install?

With the right up keep and TLC you will have your urban upscale extensions 1 year plus easily.

-Always keep hair contained at night by keeping it in a bun, low ponytail, bonnet, silk scarf etc.
-keep extensions moisturized
use heatless styling methods when possible like flexirods etc. Excessive heat can cause heat damage.
-co wash your extensions to avoid build up
-Take care of your extensions as you would your own hair.

I personally got the pleasure to try out Urban Upscale Indian Natural Wave and I’m in love! From the weft to every strand the hair is flawless!

Be sure to follow and of course shop Urban Upscale. If you can appreciate honesty, high quality virgin hair and excellent value, this is the company to purchase your virgin hair extensions!


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