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This new fashion craze, it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread! So what exactly are consignment boutiques? Are there any benefits? How can we trust their items are authentic? Well Justabrooklyngyrl Luvers, we have all the answers and more!

Consignment boutiques provide customers with a place to display and sell their merchandise rather it is a vital boutique or a physical location. The shop will usually decide what they are willing to sell and for what price. The items are generally used, hence the major discount. Wondering how everyone is walking around with Chanel bags at work making the same salary as you? 9/10 they are consignment shopping and didn’t get a secret raise. After the sale has been completed, the consignment shop and the owner split the profits. So if you have an old bag in good condition that you just don’t have any use for anymore, you can sale it! (that LV Neverfull bag in the bottom of your closet) and get some extra cash.

As we all know, Ebay was the original consignment outlet! Since then it seems there’s tons of consignment shops and we just don’t know which one we should trust for 100% authenticity items!

Well don’t fret fashion lovers! In no specific order, here’s Justabrooklyngyrl’s Top Consignment Boutiques!

1.Vestiaire Collective: known for their vast collection of Chanel, Hermes and guarantees 100% authentic items. They have the wear now pay option for those very expensive items that you must have and maybe short on cash!



2.Snob Swap: very popular luxury goods reseller also the internet only that sells large variety items from handbags to shoes, everything is guaranteed to be authentic.



3.LuxurySnob Consignment: Luxurysnob is a place to shop for high-end designer items while receiving a great deal. Very popular on social media you can often from items from your favorite celebrities and fashionistas.



4. A Daily Diva: Owned by the gorg fashionista Monique Nelms, A Daily Diva consignment boutique is thee number 1 fashion weapon! Coined as “the go to style reference” A Daily Diva is your go to for designer gently used and brand new items from shoes to bags! Guaranteed 100% authenticy and unlike their competitors, A Daily Diva offers split payment options!


Always shop with consignment shops that guarantee 100% authentic items! These boutiques will screen the items before posting them on the site, unlike eBay where there’s a direct customer to seller transaction! And it never hurts to put your own items up for extra cash!

Happy Shopping Justabrooklyngyrl  Luvers!

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