Broken Pressed Powder:DIYG(Do It Yourself Gyrl) Trick

So you’re doing your makeup getting ready for a girls night out (you know the ones you don’t remember in the morning, but will remember for the rest of your life) And then BAMMM!!!! That freaking $38 Bobbi Brown or Mac Sheer Finish Pressed Powder falls and shatters into pieces!



But don’t fret ladies, justabrooklyngyrl will help with a few simple household items and steps that you can use to restore your pressed powder back to its original state in just minutes.

Ladies its all about conserving and saving money that we work hard for right? So when it comes to spending money on make up, from foundation to concealer( because you’re applying it to your face) you’re gone to spend a pretty penny.


Talking to a friend about this inexpensive yet simple solution and I decided to share this DIYG trick to help you save that $35-$55 dollar pressed powder you thought maybe ruined! So you ready?

Supplies You Will Need:

Rubbing Alcohol 

Ziplock Bag

Butter Knife

Smooth round surface(size of a quarter)


Step 1

Take your pressed powder and empty into a ziplock bag.

Step 2

Take the back of your butter knife and crush the powder until its very fine.

Step 3

Carefully pour powder back into compact then put a few drops of alcohol into the powder.(Be sure not to put too much alcohol)

Step 4

Mix and pour as you go until you end up with a thick paste

Step 5

Smooth paste into compact and wipe off excess paste around the brim

Step 6

Let it sit overnight on a flat surface

On the next day take a napkin and gently press the napkin over paste to absorb the alcohol

Step 7

Use the small round surface (the size of a quarter) and smooth out paste on top of napkin very gentlly.


And just like that you are done!!Now take a swipe of your restored pressed powder… Magic!

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