Shoe Obession: Kitten Heels

Are we putting away our platforms and stilettos this season? Not quite! But you can def add the classic “kitten heel” to your shoe collection.

Don’t call it a comeback. The kitten heel, which is trending now (thanks to some of our favorite brands), has always been around, dividing shoppers into those who love them or those who hate them. It’s a yay for the kitten heel for Justabrooklyngyrl. It’s the perfect combo! Comfort + chic.

Here are some fashionistas who are here for the Kitten Heel!

These style mavericks adopted the kitten heel whole-heartedly (the Dior slingbacks were spottedeverywhere), which only goes to show that “ok kitten heels can look stylish in 2017.”

Take notes Justabrooklyngyrl lovers these women that nailed it!

How will you be remixing the kitten heel?

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