Straight Frills: Fall Trend

a strip of gathered or pleated material sewn by one side onto a garment or larger piece of material as a decorative edging or ornament.
synonyms: ruffle, flounce, ruff, furbelow, jabot, peplum, ruche, ruching, fringe; archaicpurfle
“a full skirt with a wide frill”
an unnecessary extra feature or embellishment.
“it was just a comfortable apartment with no frills”
synonyms: ostentation, ornamentation, decoration, embellishment, fanciness, fuss, chi-chi, gilding, excess; 

This is not your ordinary silhouette type of vibe! Frill pieces are a must this season when making a statement. A well-placed ruffle can replace the job of statement accessories. After all you don’t want to overkill when your getting dressed!  Whether you opt for a bold ruffle-front dress worn with jeans, a frilled off-the-shoulder top, or a layered feminine dress, or my favorite a ruffle short or trousers. There’s a ruffled look for everyone.

So go “striaght frill” this season!

Here’s some fashion moments we could not resist! The Frill Way!

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