DIYG(Do It Yourself Girl) Patched SweatShirt

We all are guilty of splurging on a “must have” item that haunts us until we buy it. We wear it once, maybe twice, get a good selfie or picture out of it than throw it to the back of the closet.Well I don’t know about you guys but I love to recycle and revamp things that are out of season or are now considered a fashion fad. I’m gone to share a DIY tip from that I recently came across while trying to find new things to do to my old sweatshirts. So pick up that old sweater and let justabrooklyngyrl help you bring it back to life!

Materials DIY Patched SweatShirt

1. Old oversized sweatshirt

2. Patches (try urban,,

3. Iron

Step 1

Lay the sweatshirt on a flat surface

Step 2

Place the patches on the sweatshirt no specific order or style whichever way you like as many as you want. Be sure you are happy with where you place the patches before step 3


Step 3

You Ready…………

Place the iron on top of the patches and iron them on. (Do not leave the iron on top of the patches too long just simply iron them on, up and down motion)

Step 4


Be sure to remember it doesn’t have to stop with sweaters it can be done to your old denim jackets or even denim shirts!


Finish products you can tag me or DM me @january___jones on instagram so i can post your DIY SweatShirt on my feedback page


Hope You Guys Enjoy



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