Justabrooklyngyrl Meets Far Rock’s “Fligga”

a person who performs rap music.

The title “rapper” has been thrown around lately instead of being earned! This is the total opposite for Far Rockaway’s own “Fligga”! The Queen’s native rapper is aiming to bring “real rap” back, by making music we love again! ( No TBT!) You know that feeling when you first heard Jay’s Reasonable Doubt or back when Ye was just a college dropout!


When Justabrooklyngyrl meets this fly Gucci skully, Jordan 1 wearing, rapper name “Fligga”

How did your love for music commence?

“Damn I Can’t Even Remember. Lol. Maybe 20 years ago! You know growing up on Sunday’s when you had to do chores, my moms would always play her “oldies”. It kept my mind at ease.”

Fligga! Is a unique name and has a ring to it. How did you come up with your name?

”It’s funny, before my friends use to call me “Flee” but everybody name was “Flee” after a while so I kind of remixed it..”

What’s some of your music and fashion influence?

To be honest fashion doesn’t really influence me!  I’m from New York so you have to keep it hood with a little bit of finesse here and there.”

“As far as music influence of course Jay, Nas and Stack Bundles( RIP). To be honest R&B played a big role in my life.”

Did rapping come natural for you? Was it something you always wanted to do?

“It really did come natural. I use to play around when it came to rapping!  My friends used to tell me to get in the studio but around that time I was hustling so rap was the least of my worries.”

Looking back at years of incredible music, how do you feel your sound/style of rhyming has changed or evolved?

“Seeing the way that rap is now and the way it was things really changed. I came up on you had to really rap. No gimics, no mumble or “Laffy Taffy” Ish. You really had to rap. Now I feel like you can have a fire hook and it doesn’t matter what the verses sound like now -a-days.”


Dream collaboration? An artist dead or alive you would want to work with?

”Would love to do a colab with the late 90’s  early 2000’s  Jay Z,  of course Stack Bundles And Kendrick Lamar. Real Rap Is Still Relevant In my Eyes!”

What’s in the works for Fligga in the near future musically? Do you plan on venturing into the fashion world?

More Visuals for my mixtape that I just released on Jan 2nd (Dedicated Vol 1). A EP late winter early spring called “ Fligga Season” in the works! Fashion is my second love, but right now my main focus is my music. Then I’ll venture off from there.”

 Your must have fashionably items? 

“A good Fitted Hat”
“Good denim”
“Vintage Pair Of Jays”
“Pullover Hoody”
“Camo Jacket”


Download “Dedicated Vol 1” on SoundCloud

Dedicated Vol 1

Instagram: @fliggaseason

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