Justabrooklyngyrl Meets Sadia Hayden “E-NY”

Sadia Hayden is fashions secret weapon. The owner of clothing line E=NY  has styled some of our favorite fashionistas from Keke Palmer to VH1s tv personality Hennessy Carolina.

Sadia is taking the fashion world by storm. Her one of kind pieces are stylish with a powerful message of awareness to stop senseless acts of gun violence by applying random grommets that are placed on her signature items.

Justabrooklyngyrl snagged a 1 on 1 with this beauty. She gives us advice on how to run and start a successful business along with her fashion must haves! So take notes and get ready to be inspired from the native of Michigan, who has been taking NYC by storm since her move in 2008.


What’s the meaning behind E=NY?

e defines the number eight, the = sign signifies the link of eight years residing in New York and releasing my first collection.

How did you come up with the name?

I was so excited to finally find my way to share my story and see my vision bear fruit. My sketch book means the world to me. And to finally see everything work in my direction, I then decided to reveal my personal journey in New York; my time frame, and my release date into the collection name.
What ignited the spark within to start E=NY and break into the fashion world?

Since I was a young girl, I always enjoyed designing custom-made pieces. I had a sketch for all of my favorite artist! The moment I sketched my “E=NY” signature hoodie two-piece that features random grommets to help bring awareness to stop senseless acts of gun violence, that is what ignited the spark… Let me rephrase that! That custom-made hoodie two-piece ignited the fire in me.
I knew right away that design was the one! But I didn’t know all the details that came with that design. So, I continued to study my very 1st custom-made piece that I no longer have to look at on paper. I could touch my work. I had to make a decision on if I wanted to wait and see my favorite artist wear my design or have it available for the public. Now here I am breaking into the fashion world and I am available for all!

Who has been your greatest fashion inspiration?

My mother is my greatest fashion inspiration, she was a seamstress. I remember watching her sew, and going out shopping for everyone. My mother is very confident in all that she loves. The way she take pride in her work has always made me feel awesome and that I can do the same.Thanks to her I am able to obtain the potential to carry on my own version of her!

Who’s your fashion influence? Do they play a major role when designing new pieces for your line?

Everyday people are my fashion influences. Authentic characters who stand for something. My designs are here to connect with all people with a personal touch; real stories, real levels of style. I implement what I see and it all plays a major role for me when I design.

Excluding your company, what company or business do you admire the most?

Starting with only 2 sewing machines and 5 employees… Hamilton Carhartt & Company is the company I admire the most. Under the motto “Honest value for an honest dollar,” Hamilton Carhartt & Company has established a brand that has stood the test of time. I love their quality of work, vision to stay true to their path and determination not to give up.

Who’s your ideal client when it comes to designing pieces and Styling?

When it comes to designing I would say someone who’s open to embody something new! And with styling the ideal client would be a team player that’s not afraid to take risk and channel different stations of fashion! 
How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is street and effortless.

Justabrooklyngyrl is all about the everyday woman who multitask while looking stylish, what are your favorite pieces to wear while on the go?

It’s very cold in New York right now so, my favorite pieces to wear is my Carhartt Duck Detroit jacket, e=ny Kayla beret hat, e=ny Signature Hollis Hoodie, e=ny Liberty leggings and my favorite wedge black boots by Dr Martens.
What would you say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

1. Allow God to lead
2. Have patience
3. Focus on walking your own path
4. Continued to study your craft
5. Be open for change

Where do you see E=NY in say 5-10years?

That’s a great question! I see e=ny to be an established timeless collection that will be added to tons of people life journeys; Charites, foundations and groups that are dedicated to continue to help spread the message. Wear your grommets holes proudly in honor of all lives lost due to senseless acts of gun violence. #enybysadia www.sadiahayden.com

Garments with a message + a woman with passion = a killer combo! Sadia designs are like no other!

Be sure to shop  her one of kind pieces www.sadiahayden.com

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @sadiahayden

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