Justabrooklyngyrl Meets The Iconic Haus

Justabrooklyngyrl is all about the dream chaser, the mover,shaker, and the risk taker. The Iconic Haus brand examplifies this and more!

Justabrooklyngyrl scored a one on one with the brains behind “The Iconic Haus”, and let’s just say she’s ready to take the fashion world by storm! So be ready justabrooklyngyrl lovers to take notes and feel the urge to level up! Not to mention add her dope one of kind pieces to cart.

My favorite pieces from your line are the “Imaginary Player” suede dad hat and the “Takeover” maroon crew neck sweater! Where do you pull your inspirations from when designing new pieces for The Iconic Haus?

“My inspirations are pulled from various places. Art, Fashion, Music and People. Sometimes I sit and listen to music and interpret the feelings into what I would like to see in fashion. For example, the “Takeover” sweatshirt came about when I was listening to Jay Z. Another well-known rapper knows this song as a “diss track”. In the design the top is the word Iconic the bottom is the pronunciation. Same word but viewed differently. Both views are just as strong.”

What’s the meaning behind the name “The Iconic Haus”?

Iconic means known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence. Haus is the German word for house. In the urban dictionary (smile) Haus means a person who is amazing in all aspects of life. The Iconic Haus’s vision is to encourage, inspire and motivate people through fashion. We want people to raise the bar. Be the best you! Don’t be mediocre.

When did you decide to follow your passion and start The Iconic Haus? 
I was laid off from my corporate role and felt that was the right time to truly follow my passion.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is Classic with a splash of trend (smile) I love pieces that I can wear through all trends and still look good.

What is it like working for yourself?

I love working for myself because I like the freedom of making my own decisions. However, working for myself is hard work. I’m very hard on myself. I don’t cut myself any slack. Every moment I’m thinking go harder, do more. At the end of the day I’m always thinking “did you maximize your time today? Did you utilize every minute?”

What’s your favorite part when it comes to the designing process?

My favorite part of the designing process is seeing my ideas come to life. When you work on something and you go through so many different versions and then at the end you see what you envisioned come to life.

Where do you see The Iconic Haus in the next 5-10 years?

I see The Iconic Haus being known and recognized as a global brand. I would love to have boutiques in countries like France and Japan. I see people around the world being “Members of the Haus”.

Any future plans for new designs?

Yes, there will definitely be new designs. However, this first collection will be the only designs that will always be available for purchase. Other designs will only be available in limited quantities.

What advice do you have for inspiring fashion designers?

Follow your dreams and stay true to your vision. Don’t conform to trends. Stand out by being true to yourself. The people will follow suit! 

The Iconic Haus is a movement within itself and we are more then sure this isn’t the first or the last you will hear from Ms Jay and her brand!

You owe it to yourself! Take your life make it the best story in the world! But most importantly do it your way!

Be sure to follow The Iconic Haus on Instagram @theiconichaus and shop the latest apparel @ https://theiconichaus.com/

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