Stylist Behind The Style: Atiba Newesome

Your favorite stylist, stylist! If your in the fashion world and have not heard the name Atiba Newesome, well then your not “in” the fashion world as you may think. In the styling business for over 16 years Atiba has worked with your fav celebrities from the late great Prince to Aaliyah, Nas, Faith Evans ( remember that velvet Tom Ford pantsuit number she killed on VH1 Hip Honors) and some of the worlds greatest supermodels.

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Still not familiar with the dapper gentleman? How about Oxygen’s “House of Glam” series?  Or that time he had us double taking and asking “Is that Cardi B turning into our fav fashionista?” During the Fashion Bomb Daily photoshoot!

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Newesome started his career interning with the style goddess June Ambrose, where his first big project was dressing Missy Elliot and her dancers for her tour. He is no stranger to good threads. On social media, he is often setting trends and the inspiration for his followers (like myself) while putting together our outfits.

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More then clothes and making celebrities look like a million bucks, he is also a photographer and a award winning song writer! Mr. Newesome we are here for it! And want more!

What’s your favorite Atiba fashion moment?

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