When JustaBrooklynGyrl Meets Far Rock: The Crate NYC

So what happens when you take two dapper gents, add their love for good threads into the mix, top it off with one of kind pieces, in a forgotten location- Far Rockaway? You get three words… The Crate NY! Justabrooklyngyrl got a chance to chop it up with one of the masterminds behind operation The Crate NY, he shared his key to success and his recipe for greatness!

So take notes dream chasers! Here’s Terrill (1/2 of The Crate NY) and Justabrooklyngyrl’s 1 on 1!


“The Crate NY”! It’s a household name in the fashion world and catchy! How did the idea for “Crate” come about?

” Well me and my partner (@__rrl)  kind of already knew we wanted to open a store but we were all over the place with names. We knew that we wanted a store in Far Rockaway but we wanted to create something that everyone could relate to globally. So listening to Stack Bundles, he said a quote “Fresh off the Block, I got the print of the CRATE on me”. It was like a moment of eureka! When you think of crates, you think of milk crates, record crates, or even the crates people use for storage. For me, I grew up in an urban neighborhood and crates were used for sitting on hanging out on the block so for me it was part of my culture. The CRATE. The name just felt relatable and had a strong powerful meaning with it. Went to a couple friends and told them. They were like “YEAAAA THAT’S IT” and the rest is history.”

How do you build a successful customer base for The Crate?

“Promotion & Customer Service I feel work hand in hand for this. Fashion is so different now. You have to have the trendsetters wearing your items because they have a cult following and they create the fashion curve. And their cult following will buy whatever they say is hot. But it’s not about getting them just buying an item. You want them to buy into you. I don’t care if a person spends $10 or $300, I’ve learned to treat everyone the same. I’ve had people come to my store spend a certain amount that’s not usual and I’ll give them a hat for free. I could bet at that point, they going to tell at least 3-4 friends that those dudes at the CRATE are cool as hell and they care about the customers.”

How important was the location when opening your store?

“Well Far Rockaway hasn’t had any spotlight besides rappers. We never had anything that the people could identify themselves with. I’ve been out here almost 20 yrs of my life. We created a shopping experience and dopeness about the neighborhood that we have never had. Some people feel we bring a Soho vibe to the community.”

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

“It can be stressful at times. Owning your own business can limit how long I’m able to spend wit my family because I’m always ripping and running. But for the most part they understand. They know we have a long term goal for this store and we won’t stop till we get there.”


How do you define success?

“Hardwork…That’s all!” 

How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

“Well I don’t want to give out all my secrets. But let’s just say I listen to the kids. Kids run fashion. They’re very quick to tell you what’s hot and what’s not. But our biggest form of marketing would have to be the hats. You look around and they’re just everywhere. We gave away almost 400 before the store open. Everyone wanted to know what’s that. What’s the CRATE? People want to be part of the things that seem cool. Hopefully 10 years from now, we still seem cool, lol.”


 To what do you most attribute your success? 

“I attribute our success to my neighborhood. Before anything, they’re our biggest supporters. We wouldn’t be anything with out them. So regardless if I made a store in LES, Miami or even Cali for that matter, this legacy started in Far Rockaway.”

What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

“Five key elements for starting and running a business. 1. Always be willing to Learn. Never feel like you know it all. You can always be taught something no matter the age of the person. 2. Customer service plays a big part. You should treat the person that spends one dollar like they just spent a million dollars. Because that could be the customer to come back and spend a million dollars, be a possible investor or tell a friend(s) about your business. 3. Determination. My life is based off the book “the CAT and the HAT”. He did everything in his power to get him to eat those green eggs and ham. I don’t know what “NO” means and you should always have that same mind frame going into business. It just makes you stronger. 4. Be willing to take criticism. People might come along and see something that’s hurting your business. Don’t just brush em’ off. Take heath to it, because it could be something stopping your business from growing. Be open-minded. 5. Do something that makes you happy. Because then you’ll never work a day in your life.”


What’s 1 thing you would tell your younger self? The young Terrill?

“Mmmmm. I would just tell younger Terrill be yourself at all times and even when they say your weird, continue to be that weird person. Because that’s where the character is built. Never wanted to look like anyone or be anyone. I’ve always wanted to be Terrill. Just continue to be creative weird Rell!”

“Do Something that makes you happy! Then you will NEVER work a Day in Your Life!” The ultimate goal of these gentlemen! The Crate NY is one of many NY’s fashion household names!

The pair had an  innovative business idea, they were willing to take the risk of implementing the idea, acting on it, while assuming full responsibility for its execution, success, or failure. And this justabrooklyngyrl lovers is why The Crate Will not lose!


Be sure to visit The Crate NY located:

10-21 Beach 20th St,
New York, NY 11691
Email: thecratenyc@gmail.com
Phone: (718) 327-1660

Follow their Instagram @thecrateny https://www.instagram.com/thecrateny/

shop http://www.thecrateny.com 

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dress well


Photo Credit

Courtesy of Crate NY

www.thecrateny.com Retrieved September 18, 2016

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