“An African City”! African Answer to “Sex and the City”!

So whats the fuss over “An African City”? You asked, Justabrooklyngyrl got you covered! Created by Nicole Amarteifio, the show consist of five beautiful, successful Ghanaian and Nigerian women. The fashionable cast return to their home to continue high powered careers. They get together each show and discuss looking for love, and share their everyday journeys while keeping us intrigued.

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An African City is a television and web series which is said to be the equivalent to Sex and The City. Talk about Black Girl Magic! I remember tuning into Sex and The City every Sunday falling in love with the cast and their stories (let’s not forget their threads!) but as much I adore and lived for Carrie Bradshaw there was always something missing! I yearned for a character to give me that melanin magic! Someone I can relate to! Love and Labels seems to be the theme on An African City. Something we can all relate to, am I right? Millie Monyo the Executive Producer keeps you intrigued episode to episode. Lets just say the fashion, well it’s to die for!

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The cast consist of  MaameYaa Boafo, Nana Mensah, Maame Adjei, Marie Humbert, Esosa E. The second season aired this past January. Both seasons can be watched on www.anafricancity.tv and YouTube.

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I personally watched each episode and lets just say, you will not be let down from the storyline to the fashion!


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