Black Is The New Black!

“Dressed in all black like the Omen” literally. Why not black? No longer funeral attire! Its slimming, its fashion forward its edgy its versatile. Its the answer to every occasion every season! From that little black dress to your favorite distressed black jeans. Justabrooklyngyrl lovers I’m here to help you fall in love with black all over again!


Besides being sleek and edgy, wearing black can also be a statement. It gives a sleek and confident look while a hint of cutting-edge. It’s not hard to shop and find black pieces I mean every designer has a touch of black in their collection season to season.


Here’s your favorite celebs and fashionista’s dressed in all Black!

image8 image9

image10 image11

I love the idea of dressing against the grain when it comes to fashion! Be You! Be Comfortable! Don’t get color blind while adapting to this new addiction justabrooklyngyrl lovers. Still add a pop of color for the summer seasons while sticking with this trend from accessories to your nail polish like these beauties.

image4 image1

image3 image2

Live Well Dress Well



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