“Love Your Selfie!” Justabrooklyngyrl Your Beautiful Dedication!

Love your self! Thats what we are told as young girls growing up we lose touch of this as we grow older and body parts begin to develop less or more then others. Then we begin to compare, we compare we compete and we question whats beautiful and whats not! We see whats in magazines and on television and tend to lose site of who we truly are. Justabrooklyngyrl dedicates this article to every woman, every shape, size, race, height and age bringing back the “I am beautiful” momentum and being healthy while doing so!


We are all ugly to somebody don’t trip! But I’m here to say your beautiful so don’t trip and gave the “I woke up like this” pose and join justabrooklyngyrl in celebrating your beauty!

With the rise of plastic surgery and social media making it socially accepted to fix any and everything we may not like to look someone else theres a “love your selfie” crisis. What will the young girls in ten years have to look forward to? Everyone will eventually look alike and if they don’t make a trip to the plastic surgeon wont feel socially accepted not knowing the mental and physical dangers that can occur later on.

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Lets break the chain of low self esteem, looking good on the outside starts within! Love the skin your in! Thats a true fashionista at heart first step! Heres a little day to day trick that we should practice from Tracee Ellis Ross!

“I bet you, there is something you love about your face or your body. Get a journal and write what it is and what you love about it. Explain and be specific and expressive. Let in all the good feeling about it. And then repeat the exercise with one of the things you don’t like about your body. There is no need to write all the reasons why you don’t like it… I am sure you have that list in your head. Instead I want you to be gentle and kind in how you are with it and let it talk to you and tell you the story it has to tell you. I bet you whatever part of your body it is that you’re being so hard on, it will have some story to tell you and perhaps it will become an access point for you to find love in yourself”


From sizes 0 to 20 how are your fav celebs and fashionistas that we all adore!

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F^^k society idea of beauty and be your own kind of beautiful! Know and find power in your true, genuine beauty!

Dedicated to little dope girls everywhere who will grow up to be dope women!



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