Quirky Mixed Prints:Let The Prints Begin!

Another fashion “faux-paus” is mixing prints or wearing prints in general. Most stray away from prints with fear of making them look larger or wider then what they really are. I’m here to help turn that fear of wearing prints to being fierce while rocking the right prints.


Patterns and prints go beyond the leopard and cheetah cliche’. Wearing prints and mixing them at the same time can be tricky, but not a difficult task! Here are some of your favorite celebrities and fashionistas rocking their Quirky Mixed Prints!


Not sure if you want to go full on “pinstripe button up” with “floral trousers”? Whether you’re trying mix prints or just want to add a printed top or pants to your neutral wardrobe it’s a slow start that I recommend to everyone that will give your closet that extra umph! So pick up that floral printed top and pair it with a solid bottom(like a leather pencil skirt or denim cut off shorts), then work your way up. Even add a print stripe clutch/handbag or shoe for the final touch!


3 Mixing Prints Do’s!

Don’t go too crazy! Start off slow keep patterns in the same color realm.

Keep the proportions of your pattern in mind


Treat stripes as a neutral!


Let the prints begin!

5 Quirky Prints Must-Haves

1. Tracy Reese Romper


2. Zara Floral Trousers


3. J Crew Boy Shirt in Bold Stripe


4.Rue 107 Nicolette’ Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress


5.Alice + Olivia Sunnie Long Blazer


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