Eye Candy! Justabrooklyngyrl Shades Edition!

Spring has arrived and Summer is slowly but surely approaching! Which means plenty of sun and outdoor activities! Sunglasses are a fashion must have. For some women its second nature for them to grab their shades along with their keys when heading out the door to start off their day. It makes your cipher complete when wearing the perfect outfit, sort of like the icing on a cake.

On average a person owns at least five pairs of shades and carry at least one pair on a daily basis especially during the warmer seasons while others carry their fav pair all year round (ok maybe just me). Sunglasses are not only a fashion statement but they also protect your eyes will completing your outfit. And whats better than a functional fashionable item? An affordable functional fashionable item right?

Justabrooklyngyrl’s Eye Candy Shades Edition will share her top 5 sunglasses for this season, where to buy them, along with learning how to properly pick the shades to fit your face shape. Once you’ve found your perfect pair of shades the rest of your outfits will fall into place easily.

Face Shape

When it comes to buying eyewear knowing your face shape and size is important for perfect fitting. For example wider faces should stay away from smaller frame sunglasses. On www.evo.com they give you a descriptive step by step and rules on measuring and determining your face shape if your unsure.


Top 5 Eye Candy “The Shade is Real”

Wild fox $179 shown in black available @ www.shopbop.com




Fendi $450 available @ www.shopbop.com


Sunday Somewhere Matahari Fashion Sunglasses $290 available @ www.shopbop.com


Grey Ant The Foundy Sunglasses $270 available @ www.shopbop.com



Christian Dior Dior So Real $348 available @ www.otticanet.com




Be Sure to Shade Properly!


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