Are you iPhone savvy? 5 Things iPhone Users Should Know About Their iPhone’s!

Trying to persuade yourself to trade that Apple iPhone in for that new Android phone? That’s my battle mentally over and over again when a new android or windows phone drops, but the more I use my iPhone 6 during my downtime the more I discover new tricks and techniques that makes me fall in love with it all over again!  justabrooklyngyrl would love to share with you 5 things that you may or may not know already about your iPhone!


1st Trick: Shake to undo:

your in a middle of a text, and you decide eff it I’m not writing that, and want to delete what you wrote ? if your anything like me and don’t feel like pressing the delete/back button to erase your last text before sending you can just simply shake your phone in a side to side motion and the undo screen will pop up like its pictured below that will give you the option to undo what you were typing!


2nd Trick: Recharge your phone faster by switching to airplane mode:

This is can be done in your settings or by simply sliding up on your screen rather on the lock or home page


3rd Trick: Siri reads your emails for you aloud:

Just say “read emails” and all messages new and old Siri will read aloud to you


4th Trick: Take photos with the volume buttons:

Im quite sure 99.7 % of iPhone users knows this already and probably reading this tip like yes we know! But for those of you who did not know you can take a quick selfie by simply pressing the plus or minus buttons on your volume control located on the side of your phone.

5th Trick: Find out which planes are flying overhead:

Siri is like your back pocket google who talks back, just ask her “Siri what flights are above me” and all the flights will appear on your screen


Any tips or tricks you would love to share comment below








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