DIYG (Do It Yourself Gyrl): Make Your Own Leather Smart Phone Case

This edition of DIY is dedicated to our lifelines, our cellphones! I shop for my iPhone 6 like I shop for clothing it’s definitely an addiction for me and know people who can relate. A nice sturdy fashionable case can cost you from $40-$80. But justabrooklyngyrl found a solution and of course and inexpensive way. Follow these easy, quick and inexpensive steps to get your smart phone ready for Spring. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Materials DIY Leather Case

Clear Acrylic Phone Case

Faux Leather

(found at your local fabric stores or an old clutch or purse that you no longer use of course)

E6OO Glue

Craft Knife

Paper Clips (3-4)


Step 1:

Cut out a piece of the leather that will cover the outside of your phone case with more than enough to spare to save room for error. Spread the E6OO over the outside of the clear Acrylic Phone Case and be sure to press down onto the back of the leather piece.

Step 2:

Use the paper clips to hold the leather in place until the glue dries (I let mine air dry) around the edges of the phone case. Put an extra strip of fabric in between the paper clip and the outer leather to stop any dents or bubbles from forming. Once the glue drys (about 5-7 minutes) remove the clips and cut off the extra material using the craft knife from the camera holes and flash, continue to cut around the outside.

Step 3:

Clip tiny triangles out of the corners and glue down flat, continue to cut each corner and glue down flat and make sure its even.(Be sure to cut less than you may think you need for a neat flat look on the corners of your phone case).

Step 4:

Make sure all the glue is dry before slipping it onto the phone. You will want to be able to take it off!


xoxo justabrooklyngyrl

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